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Pastors Wives Conference:

This September we’re planning our annual regional conference for pastors wives at our Bar M Ranch Conference Center on September 29 to October 1.  We Have some great teaching and breakouts planned with a sweet time of worship. This year we have opened it up for you to bring the other ladies in leadership with you. Cost includes conference, lodging, and food.


Senior Pastors Conference: 

This October we’re planning our sixth regional conference for pastors (and one assistant pastor) at our Bar M Ranch Conference Center on October 14-16 (optional check in on October 13).  We’re planning on keeping the speakers local. Another goal is one that’s obvious, focus on the Lord and a time to rest up and get encouraged in Jesus. Our conference center is a great place for that, and because we own it, we’ll be able to keep costs down. We want to make this as accessible for you as possible, so if you want to come down in a travel trailer we can plug you in. For you guys that weren’t able to attend last year, we have a website ( where you can check out pictures of the facility. My people are great and we’ll treat you right. 


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